Interact is a community of technologists dedicated to social progress.

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Humans are technologists: we build tools and systems that are meant to improve the environment around us.

Interact is a community of technologists -- community builders, artists, environmentalists, biologists, chemists, engineers, designers, and more.

We share an enthusiasm for making intentional impact, and find joy in thoughtful conversations.

Our ambition is that this community will, in its own humble way, help move the world forward.

Our Beliefs

  1. Technology isn’t an industry; it’s a tool that’s changing every industry.
  2. People don’t make impact alone; great things are accomplished together.
  3. We feel a deep sense of obligation to make the world better.

Our History

Interact was founded in 2012 as a social experiment bringing together 100 young technologists from around the globe. Our first Retreat was hosted at SXSW Interactive, where the crew crashed on couches and roamed the streets of Austin together.

In 2014, we moved Interact’s annual Fellowship Retreat to Lake Tahoe. We meet up frequently in San Francisco, New York, and Boston, and introduced the Interact Retreat to bring the broader Interact community back together. We have long-standing relationships with our venture partners, who generously lend their access and perspective to our Fellows year-round. The past several years have seen a lot of change in the lives of Interacters; we feel lucky to have grown together and supported each other through those changes.

Among the many things about Interact that have changed, one thing has stayed constant: the earnest mission-heartedness that ties each of us together.